Hi, Impact

Hey everyone! My name is Max Kimmel, and I’d like to start out by saying something I’m sure most of you agree with:

“Personal Finance is hard.”

If you’re like most people, you’ve often found yourself getting overwhelmed by the amount of “adult” things we’re all supposed to know as soon as we finish school.

“Why do I need a budget?”

“Investing is so confusing, I think I’m just going to put my money in a bank.”

“OMG, this debt is killing me. How will I EVER pay this off?”

Unfortunately, the common answers to questions like these can often be confusing, incomplete, or misleading. This causes many people to give up, and assume that there’s nothing to do to improve their situation.

I started One Shot Finance to change that. My goal is to help people improve their lives for the better by providing a single source that goes through all areas of personal finance in a clear, easy manner.

Whether you’re interested in investing, budgeting, increasing your income, or any other area of personal finance, by reading through this blog you should be able to improve in all areas in one shot (Which is why the name of the site is One Shot Finance)

A little about me

Anyone who knows me can tell you: I’m all about the data.

I graduated from college with a Major in Mathematics, and Minors in both Finance and Information Technology.

I parlayed this into my day job as an Analyst for a Venture Capital firm, but I’ve always been passionate about Personal Finance, which led to this website’s creation.

My education and career path have provided me with an extremely solid Data Analysis foundation, which I’ve used time and again in the business world.

Every strategy and review you’ll see throughout this website are backed by TONS of real-world data. I personally go through the data myself, so you can be sure what you’re reading has been heavily researched and verified.

We’re still small, but we’ve started to make a name for ourselves.

Here, we were quoted by Huffpost for our plan to save money during the COVID-19 Pandemic (#3).

And here, Forbes quotes our opinion on if the COVID-19 pandemic will cause us to retire early.

Other big contributors, such as Outwit Trade and Homelight, have also published our expert opinions.

So, give the site a try, and let me know what you think! I’m always available on email and social media, and I love chatting with my readers. Any and all criticism is welcome, and if you’d like more personalized advice than what is available on the site, I’d love to help.

If you’d like, check out what I’m currently working on.

What do you think? Are you ready to take the shot and improve your finances?

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